Monday, May 25, 2009

Great Home Birth Books for Kids Make Me Smile!

Traveling through the desert of SouthEast Utah, I had the delight to find a book embracing home birth. I adore kids books supporting home birth, breastfeeding and the natural, and this book made my heart sing (and my kids smile!)

As a child I read "A Chair for my Mother" by Vera B. Williams again and again, and have enjoyed reading it to my kids. I found the sequel, "A Chair for Always" a gorgeous depiction of the natural way families bring babies into their worlds when they choose to have a baby at home. Simple and beautifully illustrated, this is a book to give to a big sister, brother, cousin or friend who is having a close person birth at home.

Here's to happy, healthy babies, being born into warm and inviting homes.
And, here's to caring for our children in ways that nurture their souls and the great mother earth as well!

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