Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Green Women Mercantile Sponsors Focus on The Nation

I love that Pueblo is hosting this event, students are organizing it, and that it is free to the public, making it possible for more discussion on pressing environmental issues. Please come and join me in learning more about Global Warming.

Please check out the link for the publicity:

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cloth Diapers Make Me Smile!

I have had such fun cloth diapering my babes... and though my pleasure is great to have two children potty trained, I will always remember the sweet meditation I found in folding diapers and the joy of using my special diapers on both my children.

I am delighted to hear the women around me with their children expressing a desire to give cloth diapering a try.

My friend just bought a few diapers to give it a try and I love what she says:

"With two little ones in diapers, I'm so tired of throwing so many away everyday and thinking about where they are going-- to the landfill to sit. So while Sophie is almost potty trained, Luca is a long ways off. I decided to give clothe diapering a try and have a nice little starter set. While I might not clothe diaper for every occasion, it something I always wanted to try and now I'm going to give it a shot with Luca."

So... whether you are a seasoned cloth diaper mother, or new to the idea, I send you my diapering love and words to remember: the time we have with our babies is short. Enjoy the diaper changes you have been given as a time to focus love on your little one, to touch them lovingly and nurture them .

Happy New Year from the Green Mother- Sierra