Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Personal Divine Secrets emerge

I am in a phase of reading... this happens really quite seldom, now with little kids and my exhaustion at night (I am sure many parents can relate!)
However I picked up the first "Ya-Ya" book at a tag sale "Little Alters Everywhere" by Rebecca Wells, and fell in love.

I love books about women and for women. In her second book (made into a movie I saw years ago and can hardly remember)"Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" I came across this quote... I love it:

"... As she walked over Mother Earth, Sidda prayed: Stretch me wide so that the divine secrets that lie inside my mother, inside myself, inside the earth itself, will find room enough in me to bear fruit."

I loved this thought... and feel that we must consciously remember where we are from, to tap into the wonder and the connection that comes from the mother who carried us, and too, the Great Mother that now cradles us in her embrace.

So, in short, do I recommend these books?... well I am not finished reading them, but sure, if you like books about women in the deep south with too many issues to mention... I do!

Here's to a happy spring read!