Wednesday, April 30, 2008

As I age

"Parents are Strange for their Age" -Amanda Veil

Well, as my 29th birthday arrives, I imagine I may be strange for my age. My children think so anyway...

I wish to age gracefully as my mother, and as my grandmother... and I wish to do so with an ability to care for myself in a way my grandmother never was able.

As a woman, mother, and wife I am learning about the necessary job it is to make sure that the way I care for me is wholesome and complete. I hope my daughter is able to do grow and watch me caring for myself.

Here is a beautiful quote that my mother shared with me... this is important for all women to see:

"Do you love yourself enough to take care of your health,
To change a bad habit, to prevent disease?
Do you love yourself enough to be physically healthy and
To stay another few years with a good quality of life?
If you said "no" to either of these, you may want to search deeply for
the reason you feel you are not worth the effort."
-Donna DiMarco

As you read this... think about how you nurtured yourself today? This week? This month?

On my birthday, I wish each of you a happy day, one on which you make a choice to do something wonderful for you, wheter it is sitting with a cup of tea, scheduling a massage or an appointment with your dentist, make those choices to honor yourself and your body... after all... you only get one chance to treat yourself with the honor you deserve.


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