Thursday, March 27, 2008


I love to hear that women like what Green Women Mercnantile is doing!

Megan says:
With two little ones in diapers, I'm so tired of throwing so many away everyday and thinking about where they are going-- to the landfill to sit. So while Sophie is almost potty trained, Luca is a long ways off. I decided to give clothe diapering a try and have a nice little starter set. While I might not clothe diaper for every occasion, it something I always wanted to try and now I'm going to give it a shot with Luca.

My friend, Sierra, owner of Green Women Mercantile is having a sale on her clothe diaper liners, so I decided to go and try it. If you've ever wanted to try clothe diapering, now is a great time to start with the new year.

It inspires me to make changes when I see other women and mothers making them... it makes me feel that it is possible for adaptations to occur in my life, even when things are hectic!

I think this beautiful quote applies here:
Our real hunger is not for things
but for a higher image of ourselves

I am learning to see the changes I wish to make and to see myself as the person I wish to become as a mother, wife and woman of this world.

May each of you make changes in this spring time of change.

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