Monday, August 13, 2007

Summer Babies!

Well, what have the green women been doing all summer? I know that the blazing hot days of summer have taken me away from my computer and out to the pool in an effort to stay cool... and as the days go by, Scarlett has become more and more of a 22month old mother... carrying her babies and nursing them and tucking them into bed. In an effort to provide Scarlett with the basic equipment each mother should have, I came across the Maya Wrap Baby Doll Sling, which she immediately fell in love with (and if you notice, her sling matches the one I carry her in daily). We at GWM will carry them at $16.95 if your little ones would love to wear their baby dolls... what a great way of teaching our children that babies should be held and loved and cared for... Carry your Baby, and Change the World! (Images Left: Scarlett with baby "matthew" & Right: Sierra and Scarlett and Gina and AJ... nursing and slinging together 2007) -Sierra

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